The Shaving Accident

The only reason I’m putting this in writing is because I’m convinced you’ll all find the humor. I finally cut myself bad enough to need a band-aide (see previous post).

People have told me to be careful. I’ve read multiple articles that touch on how to avoid these types of wounds. I’ve watched videos on straight razor techniques. Still, it happened.

One of the reasons straight razor’s provide such a close shave is because of how surgically sharp they are. Another reason is because straight razor shaving requires three passes (with, across, and against the hair growth). Naturally, this means it takes much longer than shaving with a multi-bladed disposable; but most men find the trade-off more than fair.

I was shaving along my jaw line – against the grain. You have to move the blade, which lays mostly flat against your skin during this final pass, very slowly and intentionally. You need to be very conscience of where the edge of the blade is at all times. If you daydream you might just accidentally slide the carbon steel blade across your lip, nose, or earlobe. If the blade catches on any stubble you are to stop, change the angle of the blade, and try again. For whatever reason I decided to ignore this age-old rule and just push the blade through the stubble. This is an inadvisably bad idea. Like an idiot I had my hand on my chin in front of the blade; disregarding all warnings I had heard and read about making sure your hand is always behind the blade.

Now, as I’ve either been unconscious or numb for any past medical procedures, I hadn’t fully comprehended what the term ‘surgically sharp’ meant. I do now. It means you begin bleeding for no discernable reason. I knew that something had touched my finger – but it didn’t sting like a kitchen knife would.

I’m really glad I was using my DOVO Shavette because, as soon as I realized I had cut myself, I grabbed a washcloth and dropped the blade in the sink. Had I been shaving with a standard straight razor (like my Friedr.Herder) a drop would have destroyed the blade. Fortunately, the Shavette uses half of a standard double edge blade – which is cheap and disposable.

Best part? Having three daughters the only bandages we have in the house are Disney brand Princess Band-aides. Yep. I am currently sporting a Princess Belle band-aide… on my pinky finger.

Why, yes. It does look ridiculous! Thanks for asking.

A friend at work told me that the “silly girlie band-aid is overwhelmed by the macho butch manliness of using a straight razor”.

While undeniably true [insert sly smile here] I probably should have just wrapped my finger in yesterday’s newspaper and secured it with duct tape. Or grabbed that bottle of rum we have upstairs and a hot iron and cauterized it right there.

Maybe next time.


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