McDonalds Fakery

Maybe I’ve been living in some sort of cave… but when did McDonalds start using the pre-recorded guy in the drive-thru? They’re not fooling anyone! Nobody working for $6.25 an hour is that happy. It’s like they’re lulling you into a false sense of security before you talk to the actual (disgruntled) employee.

While exact details are a bit fuzzy, I believe my most recent trip through went something like this:

Happy Pre-recorded Guy: “It’s a great day at McDonalds! Right now add bacon to any sandwich for just ninety-nine cents!”

Actual Employee: “Whadaya want?”

Shane: “Um, I’d like to talk to that pleasant individual who told me about bacon. Can we get him on the line?”

Actual Employee: (unintelligible)

Shane: “Wha… what was that?”

Actual Employee: “Please pull forward”

Has any of that happened to you?!


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