Farewell, Steve.

So far, in my opinion, Floyd Norman has said it best:

“Call it the ultimate in customer service, I had just purchased two Mac Towers and Steve Jobs wanted to know how I felt about my acquisition. Steve didn’t want praise or accolades, he really wanted to know how I felt about the Mac computer. After hearing my complaints (and they were few) Steve smiled and said, “we’re gonna fix that.”

I’ve had the pleasure and honor of working for two extraordinarymen in my career. Walt Disney and Steve Jobs. Both men were complex and yet very simple human beings. Both were very much in touch with people and what people wanted and expected. And that – of course, explains their incredible success.

How many people get to work with the extraordinary in their lifetime? Not many I imagine. That’s why I consider myself one lucky guy to have been in the orbit (if only briefly) of two fantastic individuals. It simply doesn’t get much better than that. I miss Walt Disney and I know I’ll miss Steve Jobs.”

More to come tomorrow.


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