Make Time During the Holidays

As the Minnesota weather begins changing my mind starts to wander toward the upcoming Holidays. Each year it seems they approach and conclude faster than any previous years. While all this “hustle and bustle” seems almost quaint (and even romantic) when it’s put to melody there’s no denying that the Holidays can be a very hectic and trying time.

If you’re a husband I feel you’ll likely understand this short story. If not, I guarantee it’ll make sense after multiple years of marriage (and the addition of children – lots of children).

Shortly after dinner, on this particular November night, my wife slid up along side of me, lowered her voice, and said, “do you know what I think we should do tonight?”.

She had instantly gained 162 percent of my attention. I think I may have said a little prayer right then and there before responding with an added aire of cockiness, “I have some ideas of my own”.

Her response started out so good. She smiled and began, “after the girls go to bed we should make coffee, go downstairs, put on some good music…”

You have to understand that at this moment my mind was racing: “Good music? Coffee? Coffee… she must want to stay awake. Late. And, it’s not even a Friday. It’s Thursday!! Oh, that little minx. Stay cool, Shane. Keep it together, man”.

I imagine I was biting my bottom lip and holding my breath; that is, right up to the moment she finished her declaration with “…and wrap the rest of the Christmas presents”.

So, we wrapped presents until 11:30 that night. I may have wrapped with slightly less Holiday cheer than usual – so, I apologize to whichever relative got that gift box that was covered in a red foil wrapping paper a quarter inch thick and held together with nearly an entire roll of Scotch tape.


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