Apple Care

I am a firm believer in Apple’s warranty program: AppleCare.

My MacBook was having some display problems – sometimes going completely black. Moving the lid would typically bring the picture back… but that’s hardly the point. It shouldn’t be happening. I finally grew tired enough of the issue and took my laptop to the Apple Store at Ridgedale yesterday afternoon.

My biggest concern, and the reason for my initial hesitation, was my conviction that the problem could not be replicated on command. Sure enough, I opened the computer and presented it to Mike, the “genius” assigned to me, and it worked perfectly. Both of us, like parents trying in vain to get a child to preform, could not for the life of us make the screen malfunction. We opened and closed the lid. We adjusted the brightness and contrast. We ran the laptop off battery power and then plugged it in. We launched diagnostic programs. Nothing.

Mike, the aforementioned genius, then decided to run multiple complex graphing calculator visualizations in an attempt to heat up the Nvidia 9600 graphics card (after I reminded him off an Nvidia recall the year my MacBook was made). Still, nothing. Standing there at the Genius Bar, alongside senior citizens asking about iPad training classes, my fears were being realized.

Finally – and I couldn’t have timed it better if I had planned it myself – while reaching out to adjust the screen angle Mike asked, “so, when exactly does this problem usually happen?”… and the display disappeared.

I just pointed and said, “then”.

I made a believer out of a genius! He repeatedly adjusted the screen in an attempt to bring some sort of picture back. No such luck. Then he plugged a giant monitor into the laptop’s mini display port; producing the laptop’s GUI on the external monitor. Satisfied with his little experiment he declared that I had either a bad display, a bad logic board, or a bad connection between the two. At any rate, Apple would replace all three. Free. The only problem, according to Mike, was that I would have to let them keep my computer for a day or two.

Where do I sign?

I received an email early this morning – my MacBook is ready for pickup.


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