I Fight Dragons

Have any of you heard of this band? Their album just came out this last Monday (10/24/11) but they had previously released a few EPs.

I would describe them as mostly an alternative punk band but they also use 8-bit gaming systems as instruments. Their sound is something like 3OH!3 meets Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Using an NES or GameBoy as an instrument is certainly nothing new (in fact, there’s an entire underground music genre dedicated to this style) but their use of catchy loops, mad scientist hooks, and (sometimes hilarious) geek-but-proud lyrics is pure fun.

One complaint is that some of the songs are really kind of samey – you can only use Mario’s coin capture sound effect so many times before it starts sounding recycled.

Here are some choice lyrics to their new single The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth

I remember trying to talk to you in High School

Couldn’t even get a look ‘cause you were too cool

But now we’re older and we’re playing by the new rules

We lived and learned

Because as time moves on we find we belong and then in the end…

We were the ones you used to make fun of

We stayed at home and learned instead of falling in love

We never got the chance to be prom king

We didn’t even dance but here’s the thing

We got the cars

We got the money

We need some sun

But I’m tellin’ you honey

The geeks will inherit the earth


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