How do you pronounce Keurig?

Okay, time for me to address a minor pet-peeve.

We own a Keurig coffee maker; which we adore! It’s at least three years old and has never exhibited a single problem. Usually, before I purchase any electronic, I like to do a lot of research on the competition before I make my final decision. All I needed was the taste test.

As they say with video game consoles, one machine’s technical specifications may be vastly superior to another but it all comes down to content. Who has the best games? In the case of the single-cup coffee makers, who offers the best tasting variety of coffee, tea, and other hot beverages? The Keurig’s largest competitor, the Tassimo, had a decent flavor while the Phillips Senso was downright awful. I declared the Keurig the winner after comparing their wide variety of available K-Cups to the list of Tassimo Pods.

Now, it seems most Americans pronounce the company name as “cure-ig” (with an especially thick mid-western hard R). I assure you, that’s not correct. Others, myself included, pronounce it “care-ig“. While that’s closer… it’s still not entirely correct.

The Keurig coffee company was founded in 1992 by Olaf Keurig, a Dutchman [edit: see comment section below for an update on this claim]. Keurig is a Dutch word that roughly translates to “neat”. The proper Dutch pronunciation actually sounds more like “keer-ech”.

Regardless, I’ll feign American ignorance, and continue pronouncing it with Care.


15 thoughts on “How do you pronounce Keurig?

  1. I cringed hard at the commercial for this. German pronounciation would make it “Koy-Ric” or “Koy-rish” depending on where you were raised… I am not a coffee drinker and have seen these in stores but not ever once a commercial..til now. I had to know exactly where the name came from as I defaulted it naturally as German. I was close and the commercial is still wrong! I am happy I do not watch much tv but someone should inform this company to get things right. Not that they would do anything… I’m just saying. I understand your view on feigning american ignorance as I feel I must do this constantly because proper pronounciation for things like this get me strange looks and “come again?” -.-

  2. im from holland. you pronounce Keurig as follows:

    k = as the ‘k’ in ‘king’
    eu = as when you don’t know the answer on a question ‘uuuh’
    r = as when you imitate a spinning cat ‘rrrrrr’
    i = as the the ‘i’ in ‘king’
    g = as when you scrape your throat ‘g’

    and besides al this: buy coffee from the ‘ethical coffee company’ fully biodegradable coffee pods! no more alluminium and pollution. only available for nespresso machines

  3. As far as I can tell, there is no ‘Olaf Keurig’ connected with the coffeemaker company, although there is so much garbage floating around on the WWW that it’s hard to tell. It seems reasonably well established, on the contrary, that the company was founded in 1990 by John Sylvan and Peter Dragone, roommates at Colby College in Maine. The legend is that Sylvan named the company after the Danish word for ‘excellence’, which is clearly nonsense; Keurig is of course Dutch, not Danish, and is an adjective meaning ‘neat’ or ‘tidy’ rather than a noun meaning ‘excellence’.
    As for its pronunciation, I gather that the closest a typical American could get to the way the Dutch would say it is something like cur-ikh, with the accent on the first syllable…but since the Keurig company was founded by Americans I don’t think that that has anything more to do with how we should refer to the coffeemaker than the fact that in French ‘Des Plaines’ is pronounced pretty much like Tattoo pronounced ‘The plane!’ on Fantasy Island has to do with the way the citizens of Des Plaines, Illinois refer to their city.

  4. Wow! Why did this writer put such BS? Keurig was NOT AT ALL created by a Dutchman “Olaf Keurig”!! This is a completely fictional person.

    The company is as Anerican as apple pie! The name comes from Keurig Green Mountain headquartered in Massachusetts! It was created by two colleges students John Sylvan and Peter Dragone in Colby college.

  5. Haha i had a discussion with some USA family when i was visiting from the Netherlands. I was like why is that coffee named Keurig… yes why is it named “neat”??? And thet were like….no you are totally wrong this is an american word…..oh yes sure!!! 😉

  6. According to this article, I have been pronouncing Keurig correctly from the get go. Thanks for that. And a big fat raspberry to all those “smarty pants” who corrected me. However it is pronounced I would just like to say how much I adore and love my children (who are all grown now) but I would give one of them back before I would hand over my “kee-ech”😏 just havn’ fun.

  7. OK I’m Dutch and yes, the word “Keurig” means “tidy” or “proper”. The eu together actually sounds like the u in the word “curry”, not the u as in “cure”. It will be hard for Americans to pronounce correctly though, because we use a hard “g”, which the English language doesn’t have. Also, the K is actually a hard k, as in the start of “curry”, not the usual “kj” from “cure”. 🙂

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