Things I Learned While Christmas Shopping

My wife and I attempted to finish our Christmas shopping today. While we didn’t accomplish our goal (we still have three people to buy for) I certainly came away with some sound nuggets of fun information:

Bath & Body Works sales work something like this: buy 2 get one free, buy 3 get five free, buy 4 get your own franchise.

When Abercrombie Kids has a sale, they have a SALE!

People buying gifts for me should read the next line slowly, making sure to take careful notes: I love Club Monaco, Banana Republic, and Hollister – and I’m dying to have a bow tie!

Orange Julius. ’nuff said.

If money were no object I would be buying my wife all her dresses from the Bettie Page store at MOA.

I gravitate toward Cole Haan shoes – especially their oxfords and ankle boots.

The MicroSoft store is a blatant (and embarrassingly bad) copy of the Apple Store. Placing it directly across from the Apple Store only magnified this fact.

The Disney Store couldn’t have been complete without a double switch back queue line. I suppose that makes it feel more like an attraction.

Novelty toy stores are under rated.

If there’s a line, people will get in it. We witnessed this at Barnes & Nobel. The line for the front cashiers snaked half way through the store while the cashier at the back (near the children’s books) remained empty.

No matter how pure the original intentions you always end up looking/shopping for yourself. We did.


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