I Had a Clean Record for Nearly 15 Years

Within a mile of the restaurant, on a slight curve in the road, I lost control of the car. Instead of following the gentle turn to the right the 2005 Saturn ION continued to slide forward. When the front left tire finally slammed into the median, snapping the spindle, the vehicle was rendered only slightly more useful than a warming house. There we waited for the tow-truck and a ride back to our hotel.

Thus ended our date.

My wife solemnly called the restaurant to cancel our reservation (which was set for ten minutes from then) while I called our insurance company.

It was the first significant snowfall of the season; with meteorologists predicting three inches of wet and slippery powder. Their predictions regarding total accumulation were a little high (I measured an inch) but they were dead-on about the conditions. As I stood outside, surveying the damage, I could concur: wet and slippery. Especially slippery.


The last time I was in any accident nearing this magnitude was Christmas Eve 1996.


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