Opinion: Buffets

I am not, nor have I ever been, a fan of the buffet.

In my mind, if restaurants were fish, the buffet would be something like a carp.  Maybe a bullhead.

Nothing says “quality dining establishment” quite like a sneeze guard.  The irony of the sneeze guard is that it doesn’t serve its intended purpose when a runny nosed, waist height, 8-year old launches a gooey-kablooie. It also doesn’t prevent that same 8-year old from licking his fingers before picking out five rolls – but he’ll put four back after his mother tells him, “just one!”. Bread tongs? No, he used those to pinch his shoe while waiting in line.

Maybe I’m putting too much faith in the people I can’t see handling my food at a non-buffet restaurant (the cooks and wait staff). But, I’d much rather take my chances with “professionals” than the [literally] unwashed masses.

What are your opinions regarding buffets?


One thought on “Opinion: Buffets

  1. by the title, i thought you were inferring that opinions are like buffets. i guess you still could be… 😉

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