It’s Time To Drop The i

Back in 1998, Steve Jobs decided the name “Macintosh” should be shortened to simply Mac (probably because that’s what most people called their Macintosh computers anyway) and that a lower case “i” should be added to illustrate that the computer was integrated with the internet.

Today, the word computer and internet have become synonymous. Any modern computer manufacture that feels a need to advertise that you can access the internet from their product is akin to Ford advertising that their newest models of cars come with disc brakes and fuel injection.

Seriously.  Can we all agree that the lowercase “i” had a good run… but it’s time to put that horse out to pasture.

The biggest Apple-related rumors lighting up the internet right now are in regards to the upcoming iPad 3 (or iPad HD). The most interesting of these rumors has nothing to do with possible features and upgrades… it has to do with a possible tiered system.

Currently, Apple tiers their computers (Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro) and their iPods (shuffle, nano, classic) and even the iPhone (3GS, 4, and 4S). The rumored system for the iPad works something like this:

iPod touch for $199

iPad 2 for $399

iPad 3 for $579

The rumor also alleges that, originally anyway, the $399 iPad 2 would be nothing more than the current model (not improved, just discounted); but may eventually be replaced by a 7.5″ version.  If that’s the case… can we change the name of the iPad 3 to something more forward thinking and modern?  Maybe, the MacTablet HD.

Three levels of tablet computing: iPod touch, iPad 2, and MacTablet.  Could it happen?


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