PS3 Owner, At Last!

I’ve been telling my wife that as soon as I get home from California I would be buying a PlayStation 3.  No joke, I bought it on the ride home from the airport.

Something worth mentioning: no one makes a simple console anymore. This is a minor annoyance. Remember when buying a console meant never having to check the side of the game box to see if your computer was beefy enough to handle the software? While it’s not quite that bad (yet) I can see it getting there. What ever happened to “pop the game in and play”? Now it’s more like, “pop the game in, install it, download updates, restart console, update patches, restart game, configure auto-save game function, watch 4 minute intro video, wait, wait some more, play!”.

Who knew I had to disable media sharing before I could get the wireless function of my PS3 to work?  I didn’t, and ended up online searching for “why won’t my PSN network stay logged in?”.

It’s frustrating.

However, once you get it working… it’s really pretty amazing.

We currently own four games. Truth be told, I bought Metal Gear Solid 4 many months ago… maybe even a year ago (how sad is that?) but was able to play it for the first time this last Saturday.  I’m a huge fan of the entire series (which my wife lovingly refers to as the Man Soap Opera). MGS4 has a steep learning curve! Enemy AI is scary-smart.  It’s super immersive and the graphics are off the chart. I have a feeling I will be blogging about this game in the near future.

I bought Little Big Planet.  Because.

My wife wanted one of those dancing games… so, I bought the PS3 Move Bundle; which comes with something called Everybody Dance.  I suppose it’s cool.  It has a good enough soundtrack – plus you can always download more music from the PlayStation Network store.  I’ll likely never play it.

I also had to pick up a copy of the PlayStation Move sports disc; mainly because I found it at Game Stop for less than $5.  It’s a lot like the game disc that comes with the wii (archery, frisby, bowling, etc) except it’s for the PS3 – so it’s in 1080p HD.  Best part?  Combat.  Apparently combat is considered a “sport” by the people at Sony.  This thing works just like Tekken or Soul Caliber… except you’re actually swinging the axe/hammer/club/sword/etc.  Truly amazing!  So, there I was in my family room beating the living crap outta some big-haired dude named “Dallas” in front of my wife and kids.

Pure awesome.


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