Nuhnee > Whee Whee

Margaret, nearly two, is really forming a little personality – and really starting to talk quite a bit.  As any parent knows… some of her words are understood only by herself and (sometimes) her parents.

Nuhnee is how Margaret refers to meals (which we assume is supposed to be either yummy or nummy). Nuhh is her Nuk; which one might assume could be easily confused for Nuhnee, but this is not the case. It’s all in the intonation. Nuhh usually comes out as a whine while Nuhnee is a definite exclamation; traditionally accompanied with fist pumps or a little jig.  Recently, Nuhnee has even been combined with a hearty “whoohoo” – complete with arms thrown up in excitement.

Food drives Margaret like nothing else. Nap time, play time, daycare, diaper changes… these are all obstacles in the way of more food.

For a while after Easter we had a large surplus of Jelly Beans.  During this time Margaret and I developed the habit of retiring to a leather chair to watch a cartoon – and eat a few jelly beans – after dinner. It didn’t take long before she was dragging me over to the chair and saying “Mo’ Bean!”.

When asked if she’s ready for cartoons she’ll answer with an affirmitive nod and say “reh-ree

Last weekend we were at a playground – and Margaret loves the slides. Each and every time she goes down the slides, without fail, she will cry out “whee!”.

When it came time to go I called out to her and she (naturally) ignored me.  Approaching her, I called to her again, and she began evasive maneuvers – running in a serpentine pattern and flailing one arm back in my general direction. I picked up speed, called her name, and told her it was time to go. She replied with a firm, “no”.

It just wasn’t the time (or place) to argue with her; and I seriously wanted to avoid picking her up and marching out of the playground – the child kicking and screaming in my grasp. Margaret is our third child; which means I’ve learned a thing or two about chasing down screaming children (a particular parking lot at a particular mall in Omaha has left an indelible mark on me). Instead, I decided the best course – this time – was to call out, “do you want lunch?”


At this, she didn’t hesitate at all.  Margaret immediately stopped, turned to me, and then just motioned for me to come and pick her up (apparently I am a faster and more efficient mode of transportation toward the food). As we were exiting the playground she turned, waved at the slides, and said, “Buh-bye, whee whee!”

In her mind, and according to Margaret’s logic, nuhnee is greater than whee whee.


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