Popular, at last!

Recently, a number of people have approached me to comment on how much they like my blog – which is both flattering and weird.

I guess I was always under the assumption that my mom and wife were the only people reading this thing.  Turns out I now average 15 or more unique hits per day… and that’s when I haven’t posted anything new.  On days with new postings I average 50 unique hits. That may not sound like a lot, but 15 hits is 13 more people that I originally assumed were reading; and fifty is practically mind blowing.

Oh, it’s gets even weirder.

WordPress allows you to dig deep into your stats and find out a little bit more about who’s reading what; and from where. My two most popular posts are “How Do You Pronounce Keurig” and “How Do You Pronounce Skagen” (ironically, both posts are very popular in the Philippines). Outside the USA, the top five countries that read my blog are the United Kingdom, Canada, the Philippines, Australia, and India.

For those not already sitting down, you might want to. Here comes an astonishing revelation: I was never popular in High School. I’ll let the shock value of that staement settle for a moment…

The fact that people around the world read (and like) my blog is, quite simply, amazing. Thank you to all who regularly read my blog – I’m glad you like it. I’ve got a new one percolating inside me now and am always bouncing new ideas off friends and relatives.

Stay tuned, more random entries coming soon.


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