Apple, and Me

There’s one thing that bothers me more than the Apple Fanboy; and grates on me even more those that are anti-Apple. It’s the people who deem themselves resident expert but had purchased their first Apple product (typically an iPod or iPhone) only within the last year. Suddenly they have a religious devotion to all of Apple’s newest products… and brag about it. “Oh, you only own the iPhone 4? Not even the 4S, huh? Tsk. I submitted an online reservation for a chance to camp out overnight just so I can be the first in line for the iPhone 5.”

Apple Hipsters, if you will. They’re no longer discussing the iPad mini (let’s not get crazy, they’re still going to buy one); they’ve moved on to discussing made up products that Apple doesn’t even know about. “Yeah, the iPhone Shuffle. It’ll accept any incoming call, but also randomly dials people. You probably haven’t heard of it… it’s pretty underground”.

I remember when being a fan of Apple’s products took courage – and was almost like work! Now everyone’s on board.

I’m totally going to date myself here… but, my first exposure to Apple computers was the Apple II in the private elementary school I attended (1981 – 1985). Naturally, we used it for playing simple games but it left an indelible mark on me. Shortly thereafter, my uncle purchased an Apple II and I watched my cousin code games from computer magazines.

Then came the Macs in the public elementary school – where I fondly remember using LOGO Syntax (1985 – 1987); a program for drawing vector shapes using simple keyboard commands.

The computer lab in middle school (1987 – 1990) had a mixed assortment of PC’s and Apple computers.  Mostly, I used these computers for Oregon Trail, Number Munchers, and some sort of typing tutor. It should be known, I have never learned proper keyboarding. I would always “hunt-and-peck”, but became pretty proficient at it! Good enough that, by the time I got to college, I tested out of keyboarding (I found out you only had to type something like 30 words per minute… and I can do that with my toes!).

There were both Macs and PCs in the library at the first High School I attended. Then, in 1991 we moved and I was enrolled in a new High School that had only Windows based computers. Thus began a dark age; with the minor exception of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (which I found to be very fun). Oddly enough, I learned proper tabbing on an old version of MS Word; running on an Intel 80386SX.

Finally, in 1993, the dry-spell was broken after I began classes for Graphic Design at the local Technical Center and I was introduced to the Macintosh IIfx.

I purchased my very first Apple computer shortly before graduating from High School (1995) – an Apple Performa 631CD. Keep in mind, this was during the Sculley-Splindler era at Apple Computer. A difficult time to admit you were a fan.

In 1997 I purchased a Motorola StarMax 3000/160… because the clones offered more Mac for your money. I was deep into learning Adobe Photoshop and needed a fast, reliable, and (most importantly) cheap machine.

I remember where I was the day I first saw the iMac. I dropped everything I was doing just to watch the associate pull the display model out of its box and set it up. Instantly impressed. In early 2000 I became the very proud owner of a lime green iMac DV.

Short on cash, but in desperate need of a replacement computer I purchased a G4 eMac in March of 2004. That computer turned out to be quite the little work horse – it lasted me seven years.

When I could no longer put up with the failing speeds of my rapidly aging eMac, and enticed by the oncoming Post-PC era, I purchased my first MacBook in February 2011.

For the record, there have also been a few Apple printers (remember the StyleWriter?), four or five iPods, and an iPad.

Our next Apple purchase? The iPad mini, of course… but I refuse to call it that. For me, it shall be the lil’Pad. Mostly, because I’ve grown seriously tired of the overused “i”.


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