A Possible New Direction?

In 1971 a computer programer at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory named Les Earnest created a simple network program. This program would offer users the ability to lookup some basic information on any other user logged into a network. Earnest named this the Name/Finger program after the idea that people run their fingers down a directory to find who they’re looking for.

Later, in 1977, another programer refined this into a protocol that would allow users to view specific contents of a user’s home directory. Specifically, the .project and .plan files. These two files, which were usually maintained by the user, contained useful information about the author’s current progress and future plans.

This was probably the earliest form of micro-blogging. Except, it was only used by über-geeky computer programmers.

My, we’ve come a long way!

So, I told you all of that to tell you this: I’m thinking about splitting my blog into two parts. The idea came to me recently as I took a short break from writing the multi-part Complete Overhaul blog series (link to the first two parts here and here).

My idea is that Parker Monroe would continue to be strictly for the humorous family stories you’ve all come to enjoy. The more historical and informational entries would move to another site. The name I have chosen for the second blog is dot Plan.


I figured it might be best to open the idea to my readers – soliciting your opinions. Should I just keep everything in one place or would you prefer the split?

I should mention, my wife’s idea was to continue posting everything to one blog but categorize everything differently. That way, you would visit a single site but have the ability to flip back and forth between your content of choice.

Please, sound off in the comment section. I’m eager to read your thoughts!


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