Humorous Revelation, Too Long to Tweet (plus more!)

As some of you know I can also be found on Twitter @1seat_theater where I post my humorous micro-blogs.

However, sometimes I come up with something much too long to tweet (as Twitter cleverly limits its users to 140 characters). Below is one such recent idea:

I have now reached the age that I always imagine my parent’s perpetually stuck at. Being a male, I will sometimes take notice of an attractive woman my own age – then chide myself, “No Shane! She’s old enough to be your mother!”

Getting older sucks.

In other news, sorry for not posting anything for a while – it has been crazy busy and I’ve had very little time to fine-tune my posts. As it stands right now, I currently have no less than 6 drafts awaiting final, personal, approval.

As an author of considerable fame once said (so famous that I can’t recall their name), “the first rule in writing is to write”.

Meaning, rather than try to perfect your novel – or blog entry – upon taking pen to paper… just write as it comes to you. Even if it doesn’t make perfect grammatical sense. Even if it’s out of order. Even if it’s complete and utter rubbish.

The idea is to fine tune it later – that’s what I do anyway. I write the very basics, then fill in the details, and finalize by correcting errors (and boring parts). Sometimes it works, other times… not so much.

At any rate, all of that to tell you this: there’s more coming soon. Stay tuned and thanks for your readership!


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